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FCH Tryout Recap: Atlanta

FCH’s most recent stop on the Tryout tour came through FCSE’s HQ, Atlanta, Georgia.

The word has officially gotten out about Fan Controlled Hoops as there was no shortage of quality play on the court from a variety of notable players.

Coach Bibby and the rest of the FCH crew were all in attendance, and as per usual, ran a tight ship when it came to running drills. All of the attendees are vetted before the tryout, so we know they can ball. Typical shooting and endurance drills measured each player’s tangibles, but the real action started when 4 on 4 rolled around.

The guys with professional experience were obviously great, but it was more exciting to see the young guys who are fresh out of college running the court and showcasing their talent. The “unknown” players are always the most intriguing. There is a set of expectations for the pros and notable players, but when guys surprise you, our coaches sit back and think, “where was this guy playing and why hasn’t anyone discovered him?”

As for the pros, we had some BALLERS come by and show our FCH coaching staff that they still have a little left in the tank. Here are just a few of those guys:

Devin Funchess

  • Former NFL Wide Receiver for the Carolina Panthers
  • Biiiiiig personality with game to back it up
  • Pursuing a career in basketball

  • Goes by Funch as of right now

Mario Chalmers

  • Former NBA Point Guard for the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies
  • NCAA National Champion with Kansas
  • Didn’t feel like he needed to try out (fair)

Salim Stoudamire

  • 1st round pick in 2005 NBA Draft
  • Played for the Atlanta Hawks for 3 years
  • Has the most interesting yet consistent jumpshot in FCH (so far)

Jamario Moon

  • 2008 NBA Dunk Contest participant
  • Professional player for 20 years
  • 42 years old but still dominated the floor during Tryouts

And there were plenty others that we are excited to get an opportunity to show the fans what they got!

Our team is pumped to see the kind of product these guys will be able to produce on the court. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just the kind of impact these players will have when FCH Season 1.0 debuts later this year.

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